Adobe Lightroom LinkedIn Skill Assessment Answer

Q1. Suppose you see a color fringe around the edges of your subject. Which control is best for removing the fringe?

  1. Color Noise Reduction
  2. Remove Chromatic Aberration✔️
  3. Split Toning
  4. Enable Profile Corrections

Q2. If you want to apply the same editing from one image to another, what should you use?

  1. metadata
  2. Image settings
  3. Edit settings
  4. Develop settings✔️

Note: I just use synchronization. After digging into settings I was able only to discover Settings -> Copy settings.

Q3. Which module helps you create a printed photo album?

  1. Web
  2. Book✔️
  3. Print
  4. Library

Q4. Review the image shown. What does the exclamation point adjacent to the thumbnail imply?

  1. The image has been edited in Photoshop.
  2. The photo is marked as picked.
  3. The photo needs at least one keyword.
  4. A photo is missing and needs to be relocated.✔️

Reference (

Q5. Adjusting the exposure of a raw file by -1 is the equivalent of doing what in the camera?

  1. opening the aperture one f-stop
  2. closing the aperture one f-stop✔️
  3. adjusting the ISO by +400
  4. adjusting the ISO by -400

Q6. Review the image below. Which option lets you manually straighten a photo by drawing a vertical or horizontal line?

  1. A
  2. B✔️
  3. C
  4. D

Q7. Suppose you want to migrate a selection of images to another machine. How can you create a new catalog that contains a copy of all the images?

  1. Use the Export as Catalog command.✔️
  2. When you back up the catalog, the images are backed up as well.
  3. Use the Export command.
  4. Use the Import from Another Catalog command.

Reference (

Q8. Which Spot Healing Brush mode replaces an imperfection with an exact copy of pixels from another area?

  1. Patch mode
  2. Screen mode
  3. Healing mode
  4. Clone mode✔️

Q9. When reviewing images, what task can be accomplished using the number keys?

  1. finding images
  2. printing images
  3. selecting images
  4. applying ratings✔️

Q10. What’s the easiest way to reuse your most recent custom export settings?

  1. Click File > Export with Previous.✔️
  2. Click File > Export with Preset.
  3. Click File > Export as Catalog.
  4. Click File > Export Again.

Q11. In the image shown, what do the blue areas indicate?

  1. crushed details in the shadows✔️
  2. a special effect applied to the image
  3. too little saturation in the image
  4. crushed details in the highlights

Q12. When exporting an image, which sharpening method is best for use on displays?

  1. Glossy Paper
  2. Screen✔️
  3. Internet
  4. Matte Paper

Reference (

Q13. Which Develop module panel lets you adjust an image based on a color range?

  1. HSL/Color✔️
  2. Split Toning
  3. Calibration
  4. Basic

Q14. Which file type will work with the Enhance Details command?

  1. raw files✔️
  2. PSD
  3. JPEG
  4. TIFF

Q15. Suppose that while using the Post Crop Vignetting tool, the Highlights slider is grayed out. What is the most likely cause?

  1. You are using the Paint Overlay style.✔️
  2. You are editing a raw file.
  3. You are using the Color Priority style.
  4. You are using the Highlight Priority style.

Q16. In the image shown, what is the icon circled in yellow?

In the image shown, what is the icon circled in yellow?

  1. Virtual copy
  2. Synced with Lightroom
  3. Metadata conflict warning✔️
  4. Missing photo

Q17. Which criteria CANNOT be used with a smart collection?

  1. Export Date✔️
  2. Capture Date
  3. Rating
  4. Camera Serial Number

Q18. Which of these is not present as an option when exporting a photobook?

  1. Post to Blurb
  2. Export as PDF
  3. Export to Print✔️
  4. Export as JPEG


Q19. Saturation and Vibrance both strengthen the intensity of the color in your image, however Vibrance is more specific to

  1. Midtones✔️
  2. Shadows
  3. Highlights
  4. Global


Q20. At the time of sharing a lightroom preset, which format is used to export the image having the desired preset.

  1. JPG
  2. DNG✔️
  3. TIF
  4. Raw


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